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June 21st, 2004

02:47 am - time for a change here people
okay, as much as i love my icon, it's time for a new one. out with the old, in with the new.....

I need a lj icon vote here, most votes wins....





okay, I know that they kinda look alike but whatever. I realized that I wear a lot of black and I do the same thing in every picture. But, that goes along with the summer of repetivness. (okay, that's not a word, I made it up and Lindsay said I can't do that. please feel free to replace my new word with a real one)

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June 18th, 2004

03:01 am - picture whore
I heart my new puppy, she is sooooo cute! Her name is Dixie and she is half Corgi, half Rat Terrier. She's our little southern dog. We got some John Deere fabric and made her a John Deere pillow and bandana!! :) And she now has a hot pink collar with rhinestones and a matching leash. We are still working on the whole potty training thing but that takes like 6 months. Gets kinda annoying waking up to pee every day but oh well. We have a little puppy purse that we bought and it's black leatherishy and has a big pink paw print on the side. It's made to hold dogs and has breathing holes and stuff so we carry her around in that thing and she just pokes her little head out. SOooooo cute! Great way to pick up guys if I might add. And right now, she looks soooo ridiculous. Both of the dog breeds that she is mixed with have pointed ears and the lady said that her ears would come up around 16 weeks (she's 8 right now) but we woke up 2 days ago and randomly one of her ears has come up right now. The other one is still flopping away. So, we can't help but laugh at her every time we look at her. We are just hoping that the other one comes up sometime soon and not in another 8 weeks. Or never. Meredith said her dog's ears did that and the other one just never came up. I took pics of her with her freak ears so I'll put those up in a week or so....

So....enjoy!!! :)

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June 3rd, 2004

01:35 am
clearly my fr8iends should make me stop driking before i make random dateswith a guy i dont know for fridayat t at ,e;toomg [ot...and then they let me drunk dial matt mccormicka 3, yes THREE times edach time while i ask him if ican come over....and each time he sid he wants me to but he cant because of last time we talked and evetthing that i said......but you know what is good? showing up at the bar and hainv g the bartender already have our drinks siting and waiting fofr us.....is that a sign of alcoholism?? no?

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May 11th, 2004

02:30 pm - no time for time
wow, it feels weird writing in here. I haven't written in so long. I have been soooo busy!! Lindsay and I have been fixing up our new house for the last week and a half. I literally spend about 8 hours a day on it. I have gotton maybe a total of 12 hours of sleep in the last 6 days. Eek. But, once it is all done, it will look great! We painted every single room in the house white (3br, 1 bth, living room, kitchen, dining, hallway). Then, we did an accent wall in "sassy pink" in the living room. Haha, if you know me then you know that me and sassy pink dont really go together but oh well, its cute. And my room is awesome!! My stepdad built the most amazing bed for me. It's 7feet in the air and goes back into this little cubby thing and then out of the four posts from the bed, we turned them into a walk-in closet that is attached to my other closet. And I have a ladder to climb up. It's so fun! And I painted part of the wall and the bed and my dresser "purple zest", like a deep purple to match all my fun stuff. I took pics of most of the house so I'll post them up in a couple of days. My computer is still at campus club so I haven't been online very much but I think we are getting cable/internet today.

I also haven't really written too much lately cause I have just been in a good mood all the time. I usually only write when I am feeling down. I don't really even know why I'm in a good mood. Not complaining though. I guess just all the excitement of the new place, my new job which rocks. I mean, it's a job so that's not fun but all the people there are cool, we can do pretty much whatever we want, and it's very laidback. Been workin like 4 days a week, 8pm-2am. Not too bad.

Aaaannnd, that guy Tony called me on Saturday night!! :) He went home to Cocoa beach for the summer so I really didn't know if I was ever gonna see him again. He said he would come to gville for a couple weekends and he would call but I know better than to believe what boys say. Buut, he called. Unfortunately, I was at work so I didn't get the message until late and called him back on Sunday but he was busy and said he would call me later. No word yet but no biggie. I don't know why but for some reason I'm not worried about it at all. It could be because I'm so used to not having a boyfriend or a guy I even like that it doesn't even bother me anymore and I have just kinda accepted that when the time is right, it'll happen. But, in some weird way I feel like I'm not worried at all because I know that something is going to happen with us. Doesn't make a lot of sense but I just feel like something good is going to come from him and I may have to wait a summer before it does but after that, I feel that something will come out of it all. Yay! :)

Funniest thing ever today, started my "ethnic dancing" class. Which, I found out is only Salsa. Salsa every single day for 6 whole weeks. Crazyness really. And the teacher can't speak any english, all she does is say "One, two, three, one, two, three..." Hahaha, it's so funny to look at all of these confused faces in my class. She just gets up and turns on the Latin music and starts dancing and doesn't understand why we can't follow in her exact footsteps. At the beginning I was completely lost but for some reason I catch on to dances so easily so by the end of the class, I knew every move. Maybe I am really Latin like half the people that I meet say. (While the other half say orientallll) But, then at the end of the class we got to actually dance with a guy. There are only 5 guys in the class and 15 girls so I feel bad for them cause they have to dance the whole time while the girls take turn. So, next time you see me out, I'll be salsaing (is that a word?) all over the place. I'm gonna go buy a Latin CD and practice at home and drive my roommates nuts! The only bad part is that I have to buy dancing shoes and they are the dancing shoes like Baby wears in dirty dancing...yeah, HIGH HEELS!! Once again, if you know me, I'm sure you can't picture me salsa dancing around in high heels. Oh man, this summer is just gonna be ridiculous.

Okay, I'm done for now. Hope everyone is having a good summer. Be back laterrrrr
Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful

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May 4th, 2004

12:53 pm - i love myself
WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! Okay, I'm back! I just got my grades and holy shit, I am awesome!! Haha, well not really but kinda. And the final resultes are:

Marriage and Family- A
Developmental Psych- A
Statistics- B
Geology- C

Holy cow, I'm so excited, you have no idea. Every single one of my grades was borderline and every teacher gave me the highest grade. I really didn't think that I was going to even pass Geology. I had already prepared my parents for me getting 2 B's, 2 C's and a D. They weren't thrilled about that but what can they do. I'm also really happy because this was the semester that I didn't work and my dad supported me and it was all because I wanted to "focus on school work" so I knew he was going to be really disappointed if I didn't do good this semester. And I really did study soooo much for these things so my hard work paid off. Oh man, seriously, I can finally sleep peacefully at night now and my parents will start loving me again. LOL.

Okay, enough about that, our house is in the process. Don't have time to write about the Alamo (what we call our house cause that's what it looks like) but I will write more later.

Peace out like my grades rock and I want to make out with all of my teachers!!
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April 29th, 2004

02:10 am - cough
I'm sick and still not done with finals. But here's something for all of you crazy kids who are missin' my entries...

Post a memory of me in the comments. It can be anything you want.
Then post this to your journal and see what people remember of you.

I like to jump on bandwagons. And yes, if all my friends jumped in a lake, I probably would too.
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April 23rd, 2004

11:50 pm - strike 2
just because my last entry went over so well....

So, George W. Bush thinks he is on a mission from God. That's why he must lead us into Iraq, and kill so many people. So he can stop the evildoers. Because he is on a mission from God. Guess what, George. So is Osama.

okay people, have at it...

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09:06 am - muuhahaha
Normally I don't post anything political or point out my views on this kinda stuff but with this one, I couldn't resist....

So, the pilgrims came to America to create a new land, free from religious oppression. Separation of church and state. So many years later, we have George W. Bush, taking us backwards. Geoge says Christianity says homosexuality is wrong, so George says homosexuality is wrong, so he takes rights away from homosexuals, who, to him, are non-Christain sinners. What do we have here? Religious opression. Wonderful, George.

hmmm...just something to think about...

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March 28th, 2004

04:47 pm - crapola
noooooooooooooooooo. I just wrote the longest entry ever and I pressed the wrong button and lost it. Grr. I hate when that happens! Eh, I guess I will rewrite it later....keep you in suspense....

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March 23rd, 2004

11:17 pm - hot of the press
They're here, they're here!! Skydiving pics are in! Check them out.... :)

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Current Mood: happyhappy
Current Music: Kenny Chesney - she thinks my tractors sexy

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