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mooooreee pictures - You know it's not the last time....

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July 12th, 2004

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02:07 am - mooooreee pictures
I feel like all I do is take pictures. Oh well though, they are fun and this batch happens to include the best picture ever !! I should really be sleeping right now because I have to get up at 7am and go to orientation for UF from 8-5 but I figured updating LJ would be much more productive. Last night was just ridiculous. I had to be carried home. But, I didn't really do anything crazy, just kinda passed out after throwing up a lot. Sounds like fun right? Oh yeah. So, here are some more pics of my summer and some of my puppy, she's getting so big!! Enjoy....

This about 2 weeks ago, when I told you about how only one of her ears has come up. Our retarded looking dog, so cute...

Now this is her again, she's even bigger and her other ear is slowly coming up...

Lindsay and Dixie..

Me and Dixie, she loves to lay in your lap and play with her toy, it's so cute!

This is Meredith, we really do have a third roommate, I swear!! She just hates pictures being taken of her so this was as good as I could get, she was trying to hide from the camera....

Dixie fell asleep on my feet on the couch <3

She's got a good grip?? This is when she fights with you for her toys...that's her boyfriend, the Cat in the Hat.

She's not spoiled at all...

This is how we find her every time we walk into the kitchen and she knows that we are coming. She's obsessed with having her belly rubbed. And for some reason, she likes to sleep half on the bed and half on the tile..Oh yeah, that is her outfit that we got for her! Don't worry, we never make her wear it..

Soooo cute, she looks fake here doesn't she??

Lindsay pretending to be the dog? Ruff.

And now for more random nights at Gator City...

Me, Lindsay, Lindsay, and Jason...

Me, Amanda, Lindsay, and Ben....

Attempting to take a picture with Jake, didn't work out so well..

Lindsay and I...

Kristin randomly came up for one night with her bf so I had to venture over to Swamp and see her...

I don't look drunk in this picture but I had to be because I don't remember taking it at all...these are my bouncer friends at Gator City that I randomly take pictures with? The kid with the red hat, that's Brent, I saw his nipple...haha

Aaaanndd sometimes Lindsay and I meet old people and hang out with them. This is Bill, he looks cracked out because well, he probably is. We convinced him that we were sisters and that I bit her dogs ear off and Lindsay bit my toe off. And also, that our dad was Mr. Rogers who died because he had too many sweaters. Poor Bill, he was so nice.

And saving the best for last, the best picture ever taken and is now my background because I'm obsessed......

I finally have a picture with Matt McCormick, and we are at my house woooo....yes I look creepy and weird but I am very drunk and I remember thinking that I would do a silly face but then changed my mind and wanted to do a cute face but it was too late..oh but he's so hot.....

and that's all folks. goodnight like whoa

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Date:July 28th, 2004 09:54 pm (UTC)


Wheres the pix I cant see any of them

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